You put your left foot in…. (And then take it out again quickly)

| 1 September 2023
You put your left foot in…. (And then take it out again quickly)

I call this the leadership ‘hokey cokey’.

‘I’m definitely going to go for a new job before Christmas’ (left foot in).

But I probably don’t have the experience (left foot out).

I’m going to work on being more visible so I can hold my own in the SMT meetings (left foot in).

But – they might not like it (left foot out).

And so it goes on.

You say you’re going to do something and then you find 342789 reasons not to do it.

That constant ruminating:

‘Shall I, shan’t I?’

‘What if….’

‘Who am I to……?’

It’s exhausting.

I’ve spoken to several people recently who have this constant chatter going on in their head and it’s kept them stuck and frustrated for many, many months.

What’s helped them has been this:

One – they decide, put a stake in the ground and say ‘I am going to do something about this, even if I don’t know how – yet.  But I will find a way’.

Two – they work with me.  Together we work out their own unique success formula – it’s like a recipe. The ingredients for yours won’t be the same as for someone else. Yours might be a might more spicy or hot – someone else’s might be more soothing or smooth.

You get the idea.

My client Sarah had wanted to be more visible to her senior leadership team for at least a year the first time I spoke to her.

She thought she could figure it out or work with one of the internal L&D team.

But – and I mean no disrespect – she got a lot of ‘ideas’ and attended a couple of short courses which were ‘helpful’ but not much changed.

That’s because you’ve got to work on the right things.

I’ve got to work on the right things.

Otherwise, it’s just lip service.

So, if you’re a bit bored of the hokey-cokey, maybe we should talk.

Drop a note to she’ll schedule in a short call for us on Zoom

And a word of advice? Don’t wait as long as Sarah did.

P.S. I did the hokey-cokey for a long time before writing my book (which I’m working on currently).  I needed the support, guidance, structure, accountability and wisdom of someone who has been there and done it. So, you’re not alone.