Team Emotional Intelligence

Team Emotional Intelligence

Build a productive team culture – It’s the foundation stone for your success

The Team Emotional Intelligence Survey, completed by all your team members, will help you and your team achieve higher levels of collaboration and performance – You’ll know exactly what to focus on now and in the future to achieve your goals.

Team Emotional Intelligence Survey

A team can have everything going for it—the brightest and most qualified people, access to resources, a clear mission—but still fail because it lacks group emotional intelligence

Research shows that up to 25% of a team’s performance is due to its level of Team Emotional Intelligence – defined as a ‘team culture created by a set of nine norms and expectations that build a productive social and emotional environment.’ Wolff, S. (2016). Workbook from Team Emotional Intelligence Survey Accreditation, Ei World, 2016: Team EI Survey Technical Report. Waltham, MA:GEI Partners.

And yet many team interventions focus on process, task and ‘getting things done’ (all those ‘action plans’ that gather dust after your latest off-site!) at the expense of working on the things that will make the most difference to improving team performance – addressing unproductive behaviour, building relationships, candid conversations and understanding how to get the most out of everybody on the team. For many leaders, these areas can feel too difficult to tackle – they know something needs to be done but are not quite sure how to start – or are fearful of what might emerge.

Teams need clear goals, roles and responsibilities. They also need to understand how to manage conflict, how to use their energy and time to good effect, how to build honesty and trust and how to demonstrate resilience.

The Team Emotional Intelligence Survey, completed by all team members, will help you and your team to understand how to achieve higher levels of collaboration and performance – what to focus on and pay attention to in order to achieve your goals and to develop a productive team culture.

The Team EI Survey will help you to:

  • Surface trends that show strengths and weaknesses that affect your team’s performance
  • Help you to generate an honest dialogue that focuses on enhancing teamwork
  • Identify and plan actions that will help you to become more effective

How does the Survey Work?

Responses to the questions will be kept anonymous and will be combined into a summary feedback report.

The team leader will be debriefed first and then I meet with the whole team to explore the report and identify areas and actions for improvement.

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