Masterclasses and Workshops



Short, sharp practical tips you can apply straight away

A real treasure-trove of information focused on one key topic area for managers, leaders or coaches. These events are delivered in-house or as open programmes in a variety of locations.

Masterclasses for Coaches

Half day masterclasses for business, leadership and executive coaches and internal coaches.

Beyond Tools and Techniques

This masterclass is for leadership and executive coaches working independently or as ‘internal coaches’ in their organisations.

When we first train as coaches, our biggest challenge is often remembering to ask great questions, to listen well, to challenge AND support and to remember the coaching models that we have learned – and to manage our own anxiety!

The most powerful tool, however, is US! We can be the instrument of change for our clients.

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The 4Ps of Leadership Team Coaching

Process, Psychological Mindedness, Partnership and Pragmatism

Leadership Team Coaching interventions require all of the 4Ps if they are to succeed. This practical and interactive workshop outlines what each of these 4Ps look like in practise and how you can incorporate each of them into your work with leadership teams.

We’ll also get a chance to explore any ‘live issues’ you are facing with teams you are working with and I’ll share some of the lessons learned from my successes (and otherwise!) during my 15 years as a leadership team coach.

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Masterclass for Leaders and Teams

Build a Winning Team

Team leaders at all levels need both task and people focus if they are to be effective.

Task: Practical tips, toolkits and checklists that make light work of many aspects of team ‘life’ – CEOs and first time leaders alike have used our toolkits to great effect. (And we’ll share the most popular on this masterclass for you to take away and use with your own team);

People: The deeper work – working on the ‘challenging stuff’ around behaviour, conflict, trust, ‘difficult people’, silo working, candid conversations and all those things that can feel more complex and often scary.

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Full Day Workshops for Leaders and Teams

Effortless Conversations (1 or 2 days)

‘We need to improve our communication’. How many times have you heard or said that?

Whether it’s a failure to influence or motivate others, to get a message across powerfully and succinctly, to build trust and transparency in the team, to articulate a clear vision or direction, to empathise and listen to others or to have a ‘difficult’ conversation with a team member – most of us would say we could do better than we’re doing right now.

This workshop helps you to understand the neuroscience of conversations (I’m a Conversational Intelligence® Core Practitioner) and gives you some practical tools and strategies to help you have powerful and successful conversations with anybody at any time.

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Banish that Impostor! – How to manage your Impostor Syndrome

1 day workshop for leaders – particularly those transitioning or hoping to transition to a more senior role.

Most of us, at some time in our careers have felt like a ‘fraud’ – worrying that one day we’ll be ‘found out’ to be ‘not really good enough’. Can we overcome that self-doubt and fear of failure which holds us back in so many ways? I KNOW that we can – and this workshop will give you the self- awareness and practical strategies to make a start.

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Masterclass – Beyond Tools and Techniques
“Lynn Scott’s Coaches Master class acted as a good refresher with new ideas and resources on how I could do things differently.”

Tracy O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Seymour Distribution Ltd

Masterclass – The 4Ps of Team Coaching
“Our thanks to Lynn for such a dynamic, engaging and information-packed workshop.”

Carmel O’Neill, The Coaching Psychology Group, Dublin.

Masterclass – Build a Winning Team
“Lynn and Lois were fantastic – really experienced, full of insights from their experience and understanding of this area.”

Dr Mandy Dixon.

Workshop – The Impostor Syndrome
“Lynn is a brilliant trainer! Thanks for a really thought-provoking and helpful session.”

Lucinda May, University of Manchester Library.