Be an Effortless Leader

Achieve your critical strategic initiatives with confidence – without working harder

You’re achieving good things but there’s a piece of the jigsaw missing. Sometimes it’s confidence. Sometimes it’s your ability to influence or have powerful conversations. Often it’s just simply being able to focus and see the wood for the trees.

10 Reasons to Work with Me

  1. There is something at stake (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity), and it is
    urgent, compelling or exciting or all of the above;
  2. There is a gap in your knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources;
  3. You’ve read the books, watched the videos and ‘done’ the masterclasses – but you’re still not turning learning into action;
  4. You want to develop a winning team – but there are some challenges you’re not quite sure how to address;
  5. You are extremely successful, and success has started to become problematic;
  6. There are so many things you want to do but the ‘big things’ are still on your ‘to do’ list;
  7. You want to press the pause button and think more deeply about your future and where you are heading;
  8. You’re a technical expert but you want to be a more confident and inspirational leader;
  9. You want to work with a world class international coach who understands your world, has been in your shoes and helps you to get results – step by step;
  10. You need to flex your leadership style or find more effective ways to communicate and influence.

There are three ways you can work on these things:

  1. By working 1-1 with me;
  2. By joining my Effortless Leader virtual coaching group (Coming Soon);
  3. By joining one of my Lead with Impact workshops (open programme or tailor-made for your organisation).

I work with good leaders who want to be extraordinary.

Talk to us today.
Phone 01729 548024 or email.

“I have been able to make the transition from a task focussed manager to a strategy and people focussed leader.”

Stephanie Durbin-Wood, Head of Asset and Facilities Management, Co-operative Food

“Lynn’s open, honest and encouraging style made me achieve changes in my personal style and behaviour in ways I hadn’t considered possible before.”

Executive Director, Arla Foods

“I would highly recommend Lynn if you are struggling to take that leap into the unknown and need an external stimulus.”

Sashidar Rajendra, Senior Manager Operational Excellence, Coca Cola

“Lynn is the best coach and trainer that I’ve worked with in 16 years.”

Jill Todd, Sales Director, Radio Clyde