Manage your Reputation

Manage your Reputation

It can all go wrong if you don’t…

We all know a leader who has failed. The leader who showed such great promise and came with a great track record…. And yet a year down the line he or she is quietly ‘exited’ – often at great expense – leaving a disillusioned team or organisation wondering what on earth went wrong.

Reputation Management

People who manage their reputation well – and ‘self-monitor’ are better at managing their careers. We see their ‘Bright Side’. However, once complacency sets in, or the pressure is on, their ‘Dark Side’ personality tends to emerge and those reputation-ruining flaws become much more apparent – these can be career limiting or even ruining.

For most of us there is a ‘gap’ between our identify – how we see ourselves – and our reputation – how others see us. For some of us that gap can be a yawning chasm!

We need to learn how to bring our identify (how we think of ourselves) in line with our reputation (how others see us). This is NOT about pretending to be someone else or ‘faking it’. If we have a clear view of how others see us when we are at our best – and when we are most certainly NOT at our best – then we can improve our ability to self-monitor, choose our behaviour and learn strategies to help us manage our reputation.

Want to know more about your Dark Side, Bright Side and ‘Organisational Fit’?

I am accredited to use three Hogan Lead reports designed to provide leaders with insights about their reputation and in-depth suggestions to build on natural strengths and overcome potential weaknesses. These are without a doubt the ‘gold standard’ reports for leaders worldwide. Each report takes approximately twenty minutes to complete online.

The assessments are:

The Hogan Personality Inventory – measures the personality characteristics necessary for career success and effective relationships – ‘The Bright Side‘. See a sample report here.

The Hogan Development Survey – measures personality-based derailers that can limit career potential – ‘The Dark Side‘ – See a sample report here.

The Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory – measures core values, goals and interests that determine career satisfaction. Core values are part of our identify and constitute our key drivers. These assessments indicate what environment you will be motivated and satisfied in – and the sort of workplace culture you are likely to create. See a sample report here.

How it works:

  • We establish what you want to achieve, the organisational context, the ROI required and other key pieces of information;
  • We agree on our contract for working together (timescales, number of sessions etc);
  • You complete the three reports online;
  • The reports are sent to me for analysis;
  • We have a two hour meeting (face to face or online) to go through the reports;
  • Action plan and follow up sessions as agreed;
  • Evaluation.

Further Resources:

Contact me for further resources and white papers on the Science of Personality.

“I’ve done a number of leadership and personality assessments over the years, but the three Hogan assessments are BY FAR the most accurate and insightful ones I’ve ever done. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Susie Burdekin, Director The Drill Company