Lead with impact


Lead with Impact

Take your leadership to the next level and play a bigger, bolder game

This intensive and unique residential programme for senior managers will enable you to step back from the day to day ‘busyness’ and focus on your growth as an inspiring leader. It’s intense and challenging but we’re all in it together – a team of like-minded leaders who will encourage YOUR success.

Lead with Impact – A Typical Process



Identify your impact on others through feedback



Establish your success factors



Attend the Lead with Impact programme Module 1 (Plan, prepare, practise)






Attend the Lead with Impact programme Module 2 (Build on previous module)



Take more action and evaluate

Our signature Leadership Development for Senior Leaders is the fastest, most effective way to achieve your leadership goals. Led by International ICF Master Coach Lynn Scott.

‘If you keep on doing what you’ve always done….’

This intensive, working retreat is for senior leaders who are ready to step up to their next level of greatness.

  • Time to think about what you are doing, where you are going and how you are leading;
  • Time to get to grips with the latest leadership thinking;
  • Time to recharge your batteries and breathe (an overwhelmed leader never does his or her best work);
  • Time to understand your impact on others – and how to improve it;
  • You’ll get intense personal coaching from me and support from your fellow leaders;
  • And you’ll go away with your own plan to help you achieve the results you want in your life and in your work.

You will:

  • Focus on your ideal future and set some aspirational goals – for yourself and your team;
  • Work through your biggest leadership challenges;
  • Shift the mindsets, habits and beliefs that reduce your impact, influence and success;
  • Learn strategies to help you step back from day to day busyness so you can focus on achieving your big targets;
  • Give and receive insightful feedback;
  • Leave the programme with increased confidence, resilience and self- belief;
  • Have a plan to do the things you’ve been avoiding.

You’ll leave the programme feeling more confident, more energised and more focused on your big goals – guaranteed.

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“Lynn is a brilliant leader, eloquent, honest and wholeheartedly focused on developing business talent into phenomenal leaders.”

Victoria Bonney, Digital Manager and Commercial Telesales Manager, Bauer Media.

“The Lead with Impact programme with Lynn Scott has been one of the most effective and enjoyable leadership courses I have been on.”

Professor Julian Chaudhuri

“Lynn has a great way of engaging everybody and getting to the main development area for each individual. Highly recommended.”

Awaiss Mirza, Global Sales Efficiency Manager, IMI Precision Engineering

“Lynn has worked with 80 of our high potential leaders on Leading with Impact and the results have been significant.”

Sarah Tegerdine, Head of HR and Development, Bauer Media