Supervision, CPD and World Class Team Coach Training

The best coaches invest in their own development – that’s what keeps them current, ethical and ahead of the crowd

I work with leadership, executive and leadership team coaches in three different ways:

  1. I offer coach supervision (1-1 and group) to internal and independent executive, team and leadership coaches worldwide.
  2. I offer masterclasses (2 hours to a full day) to coaching groups – internal and independent.   I have spoken at AC, ICF, CIPD, Cumbria Coaching Network and Dublin Coaching Psychology Groups as well as ILM 7 Groups at the University of Manchester and in-house coaches at Bauer Media, the NHS and The Co-operative Group. Topics include Beyond Tools and Techniques, the 4Ps of Leadership Team Coaching and The Joys and Challenges of Leadership Team Coaching.
  3. With my colleague Lois Burton, I run the Ultimate Team Coaching Solution – an ILM endorsed training programme for Team Coaches which also has ICF CCEUs.

You’re in the business of ‘building potential’ – you also need to build yours!

Phone 01729 548024 or email me to find out how I can support you and your coaching practice.

“Lynn’s openness, humility and pragmatism allows me to feel able to share my deepest concerns.”

Jo Shuttlewood, Executive Coach

“Lynn’s vast experience and knowledge has enabled me to develop my individual 1:1 coaching practice. She has also helped me to build my confidence greatly when coaching teams.”

Dr Claire Harris, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

“There was a high level of interaction and I feel confident and equipped to enter into team coaching.”

Trish Patterson, Professional Certified Coach