Build a Winning Team

Forget superficial away-days. Do the work that REALLY needs to be done

We work with your team on those areas where you have insufficient knowledge, skill or awareness to do it on your own. Whether it’s a half-day masterclass to learn some advanced skills or a full team coaching programme for your senior leadership teams – we’ll transform the way you work for the better.

Winning Teams – The Process



Is the team ready to commit? Timescale, ROI, Success Factors



1-1s with team members and key stakeholders/ Team EI Survey



Feedback key themes to leader and then team – Agree key priorities



First Team Breakthrough Event and review



Other interventions as agreed



Evaluation and next steps

Whether it’s a Winning Teams Masterclass, Team Resilience Training, A Team Emotional Intelligence Survey or our Platinum Winning Teams Coaching Programme we can help.

You know how it is.  Your team are a good bunch generally speaking. But sometimes you’re not sure why they don’t deliver as well and as quickly as they could. They seem to be working hard and working long hours – and yet the deadlines are still not met.

Or the energy seems to be dipping but you’re not sure why.

Team meetings are hard work. Nobody speaks – or everybody speaks at once. Or some people speak a lot and others say nothing at all.  And it’s hard to stick to the agenda with so many ‘tangents’ in the room. And things that are agreed in those meetings don’t always get done (‘we were too busy’; ‘something more urgent came up’).

And what’s also in the room is an elephant. But you’re not quite sure how to address it in the most effective way.

And change fatigue?  Don’t even go there!

You have a group of highly talented, highly paid individuals. They’re all great people. And yet……

So how do you get a truly exceptional team?

By focusing on two key areas:

Task – getting the right things done at the right time by the right people when there’s so much to do and the world is constantly changing.

People – Having the right people in place, keeping your key talent motivated, engaged and focused. Working on the ‘challenging stuff’ around behaviour, conflict and candid conversations. Creating the culture that helps people to thrive and flourish and being explicit about where you are heading and why.

Want your team to step up? Let’s talk.

Winning Teams Masterclass

For Senior Managers and HRDs:

A three hour in-house interactive workshop to give your senior people the ‘Winning Teams Fundamentals’. It’s designed around your specific challenges and priorities as a starting point for what you might do next.

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The Six Steps to Team Resilience

For Team Leaders and discrete teams:

A highly practical programme (2 x 2 days) to help team leaders build, grow and develop resilient teams.


  • What is team resilience?
  • The seven resilience factors
  • Team energy and resilience
  • Resilient mindsets and beliefs
  • Influence and resilience
  • Resilience rituals and habits

This programme can also be delivered as a Train the Trainer programme for your internal facilitators and trainers.

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Team Coaching – Platinum Programme

For top teams – Minimum six month investment:

We work with you and your senior team on those areas where you have insufficient knowledge, skill or awareness to do it on your own. This is not a ‘team building event’ or an ‘awayday’. It goes broader and deeper than that and is therefore more transformational.

Not every team is ready for team coaching – we’ll tell you if we don’t think yours is and will offer you some alternative options. We only work with those teams who will commit ‘for the long haul’ and for whom there will be a significant return on investment.

You will be working with some of the world’s most experienced international team coaches on this programme.

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“The cultural shift was palpable across the organisation. We were able to role model the way things were going to be and leave our own legacy. And you challenged us and held us to account for doing some fairly scary things.”

Mark Ford, CEO, High Peak Housing

“One year on and I can confidently say we have resolved our deep-rooted problems; we’re collectively more positive, more relaxed, more honest and more productive”

Andy Brown CEO Citizens Advice Manchester

“Lynn has played a key role in creating the start of a successful change programme both within the senior team and the wider finance function. We value her contributions highly.”

Sarah Vickery, Group Finance and Strategy Director, Bauer Media