‘You need to believe in yourself, more’

| 13 March 2020

‘You need to believe in yourself, more’

Has anyone ever said that to you?

How did you respond? With ‘yes, I know’ or ‘Really? I didn’t know that.’

I’m guessing the former? (Tell me if I’m wrong!)

But knowing it and knowing what to do about it is perhaps not so obvious.

Your first step might be to clarify what the other person means specifically (see my post last week which will really help you get that clarity).

You may or may not agree with their views but of course their perception is their reality.

Your second step? Lots of possibilities but I like this question:

‘If I had more self belief, how would I show up in a different way?’

That’s a question for you to consider and to ask the person who gave you that feedback.

Then you can decide what, if anything, you want to do about it.