Why don’t you change it?

| 27 November 2020

‘You’re too soft’ (I know but..)

‘You need to make a decision and stop procrastinating’ (I know but…)

‘You need to sort it out’ (I know but…)

‘You need to have more self-belief’ (I know but…)

‘You need to just do it’ (I know but…)

‘You need to cut him/her out of your life’ (I know but…)

‘You need to stop making excuses’ (I know but…)

‘You need to leave – it’s making you ill’ (I know but….)

Does this sound familiar?

This is your voice inside your head speaking. 

But that conflict between genuinely wanting to do something (not because someone else thinks you ‘SHOULD’ do it) and actually making a start can keep us going round in circles for weeks, months – and dare I say it – even years.

And the excuse you’ll be making to yourself is often ‘it’s not the right time.’

But be honest – when is there ever a ‘right time’?

Only when you make it so!

If you’re ready for change I can help.

Despite the year we’ve had my clients have got promotions, made important decisions, done things they’ve been thinking about for months (yes, actually made things happen), developed their leadership skills, resilience and confidence and much more. And they’ve had my intensive support to help them.

Because it’s not always easy to do this stuff on your own.

If you’ve had enough of same old, same old then please get in touch.

What’s the worst that could happen? 

You’ll get some new ideas to help you move forward.

And what’s the best that could happen?

You’ll make transformations you only ever dreamed of.

P.S. It can feel tough when you’re leading in lockdown and trying to figure out what to do for the best, manage your own resilience and care for your team. My Effortless Leader Facebook community is a great place for sharing, support and resources. Come and join us if you’re not already there.