‘Why am I even here?’

| 26 April 2024

This is not an existential comment on the meaning of life.

It’s what you say at least five times a week in ‘those’ meetings.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this time-wasting is to have an outcome-focused agenda.

Like this. 

The ‘why am I here?’ Agenda The Outcome-Focused Agenda
Customer ComplaintsAction: Agree specific actions to reduce customer complaints by 15% in Q3 – 20 minutes 
Staff turnoverUpdate: Reduce call centre turnover – HR to present their key strategies. Bring your questions – 25 minutes
Discuss Steve’s new projectInformation: Project ‘Scope’ Overview, Timeline, Deliverables and Budget (Steve – 15 minutes)
ConferenceDiscussion: Ideas for our 2026 Conference Theme.

When you write an outcome-focused agenda, you know exactly what you’re looking for. So does everybody else.

One way of making our lives easier.

Everybody will thank you.