Want more confidence? The first step is non-negotiable

| 8 November 2019

I’ve learned over the years that the first step to making something happen is to simply declare your intention – to make a public commitment.

Yes it can be uncomfortable.

But public accountability is powerful.

So if there’s something you want, start by ‘putting it out there’.

And, importantly, ‘put it out there’ to people who are on your side. Who’ve got your back. Who will support you in whatever way you need (and call you out on any BS.)

My big commitment for January 2020 is to launch my online and group coaching programme.

I’ve been planning it for a while but ….. (Yep, my avoidance is linked not only to the volume of work involved but to a bit of ‘inner critic’ a bit of ‘what if….’(insert ridiculous catastrophic phrase here….)

All the usual stuff that I am sure you will recognise in your own life. (Fear of rejection is one of the most powerful fears of all).

But we have a choice. To hide and stay ‘safe’ or to come out where it feels a bit less safe.

I’m going with the latter (what about you?). As the saying goes, what’s the worst that can happen?

One of my coachees (thanks Ms B) called me out on my procrastination (don’t you love it when coachee turns coach? – I’ve taught her too well!).
So the ‘big girl panties’ are on!

PS If you’re a manager/leader looking to build your leadership confidence with people who are on your side…. Then watch this space. 2020 is the year YOU can make it happen.