This won’t work anymore

| 24 May 2024

We all have ‘default’ behaviours that we fall back on because they worked in the past, are familiar and are potentially rewarding, too.

Here’s one I come across every day with the leaders I coach:

Rolling up your sleeves and being the ‘fixer.’  

This worked well in your previous role. Everyone knew you as the go-to person, the problem solver, the person who would get things done. But in your more senior leadership role, that behaviour is holding you back. You’re not there to fix; you’re there to direct, lead, and get people behind a vision that inspires them.

The only problem is people keep coming to you. And you keep accommodating them.


  • Habit. (You do it without thinking and then regret it.)
  • A belief that you ‘should’ be helpful? (Well, you ‘should’ be leading, perhaps?)
  • You get lots of validation for being the fixer. (Hello, people pleasers.)
  • It’s comfortable and familiar (Whereas this ‘vision’ and ‘strategic’ thing is out of your comfort zone and requires more headspace.)
  • You haven’t blocked time out in your calendar for thinking, planning, or strategic work (you keep ‘hoping’ that you’ll fit them in, but you run out of time.)
  • You haven’t established clear boundaries or expectations.

None of this is helping you or your team.

How to change it?

Decide. Today is the day you will start to change things.

Where to start? How about a mantra: ‘I am a leader who…….’ (Write down the behaviour and actions of the leader you want to become.) Have this mantra somewhere you can see it so your brain will focus on it every day.

Choose one tiny habit replacement. Instead of going into email first thing, spend 10 minutes focusing on your more significant, strategic goals.

You don’t have to change everything at once.

But you do have to change something today if you want a different outcome tomorrow.

To your success always.

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