This week’s common theme

| 31 May 2024

I notice themes in my coaching work, both in my group programmes and in my one-on-one coaching every week.

This week, the topic of ‘preparing and planning’ arose numerous times.

As in: ‘I don’t do enough of it.’

And ‘When I do, I’m so much more effective. I waffle less, my message is clearer, I’m calmer and more leaderlike.’

So how about we do more of what makes us effective?

You don’t always have to spend hours on this.

These four questions will help you when you have limited time:

  1. How do I want to show up? Confident and leader-like? Fearlessly compassionate? Deciding this first will make the next three questions much easier.
  2. What message do I want to convey clearly? Don’t lose it in a word salad of waffle.
  3. What are the questions I want to ask?
  4. What do I want to happen at the end? For me, for other people.

 Use these as a quick reminder to stay focused and effective.

To your success, always.