Start saying ‘no’ today.

| 5 July 2024

I bet you’ve told yourself many times that you will start saying ‘no’ more often. 

‘No’ to those meetings that keep appearing in your diary, ‘no’ to those ‘have you got a minute’ conversations that take half an hour; ‘no’ to the person who keeps giving you things to do last minute because they’ve not got their s**t  together, ‘no’ to the person who doesn’t honour your boundaries.

And yet, you’ve not entirely managed to say ‘no’ as often as you’d like.

I want this to change right now for you.  This is what works:

Choose the exact words you will say (verbally or in an email) and write them down.

Avoid the cotton wool word salad and diminishing language, such as ‘I’m so sorry but…..’ or ‘I know you’re really busy but……’—none of that.

Once you’ve written them down, say them out loud a few times so they become familiar and easy to pull out of your toolbox anytime you want to say no.

It works beautifully. 

To your success always. 

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