My Blind Spot could have been fatal

| 10 July 2020

If you’re a driver, you’ll know the potential danger of blind spots. If we’re not aware of them they can cause near misses, or more fatally, carnage – for you and anyone else nearby.

And that’s the thing about blind spots. We’re not always aware of them until it’s too late.

I went for years with a blind spot. It was a belief I had about who I was. I remember a friend of mine saying ‘you’re the strongest person I know’ and I took that as a compliment – and it was meant as a compliment.

But my big blind spot was that I was unable to show or articulate hurt.

I wanted to ‘stop’ feeling the ‘bad’ stuff.

I wanted it just to go away. (It doesn’t, of course, however hard we try. It just resurfaces in mainly unhelpful or self-sabotaging ‘coping’ mechanisms).

‘Be strong’ was my mantra. I’d clench my stomach muscles so tight to try not to feel ‘that feeling’.

Good for my core (Pilates is better) – not good for anything else! 

The person who changed my life was the first coach I ever met (he trained me, actually).

It got messy as we peeled away the layers. 

I hated it. I felt ashamed, exposed. (Big girls don’t cry, right?!)

But I knew that this was the most loving thing I could do for myself.

And he said something that stuck with me – ‘you can’t take people further (as a coach) than you’ve been yourself’. 

I’m forever grateful to him for changing my life. 

I can only describe it as helping me see the world in many hues and nuances and colours and flavours and feelings. An opening up rather than a shutting down. 

The road is not always easy to navigate. It’s tempting to run back to where you came from – to ‘safety’. 
But I’m glad I decided to take that new road rather than crash and burn. 

And yes, sometimes it takes a big, deep breath and one foot forward.

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