Le CONFIDENCE cookie (silly but powerful!)

| 10 January 2020

Over Christmas, I taught my 6 year old French neighbour to make chocolate chip cookies – (next up: les cupcakes).

We (ok, I) decided that these cookies had magical powers. Each time you took a bite, they gave you confidence to try something new.

Now of course six year olds don’t worry about impostor syndrome or difficult conversations or gravitas (at least, not the ones I know!)

But they love the idea of being brave and trying something new (and eating lots of cookies). And they have a wonderful, un-self-conscious imagination.

Making it fun made it easy for my little neighbour to do new things – she’ll now take my dog for a walk on the lead, read to me in French from her school book,  learn and use some English words without worrying about her accent or ‘getting it wrong’.

Sadly, I need to find an alternative to the cookie – something less fattening would be good. But a ‘lettuce and quinoa’ cookie doesn’t really cut it.

Any ideas for a healthier version of le confidence cookie?