Is this acceptable? What do you think?

| 18 August 2023
I love learning new stuff but most of the time I don’t want learning for learning’s sake

I went on a great leadership course and learned LOADS.’

Me: ‘That’s great – what’s changed for the better as a result of all that learning?’

‘Er….. actually I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to put it into practice yet.’


I love learning new stuff but most of the time I don’t want learning for learning’s sake.  I want that learning to enhance my life or work in some very practical ways.

I want some focused time to get MY specific questions asked.  To get coaching on MY blindspots. To get guidance I can actually use in my world right away and in the future.

To have a safe environment where I can share my fears or niggles and work through them.

To see progress – day by day, week by week.

So, any programme that doesn’t do that is not for me.

Are you the same?

If you are, and you want to make significant progress on your leadership journey, I can 100% help you – however busy you are (because, I guarantee you are going to find ways to cut through all that busyness from the get-go).

Over my 20 years working in this field with hundreds of leaders in numerous sectors, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the sweet spot in terms of what gets lasting results.

My clients’ successes speak for themselves.

But there’s a truth you need to hear.

You need to do the work ……………. 😧😧shocker, I know 😎😎 

And on my 90 day  Lead with Confidence programme (starting in September)  ‘the work is not an academic assignment or a box-ticking nightmare  and you definitely won’t be building any rafts.

Instead, you’ll:

  • Take small, medium or large steps each week – depending on your starting point and goals;
  • Work on the underlying thoughts that help you succeed, (this is where the gold lies).
  • Hold yourself accountable (with my encouragement and support and a loving kick up the **** if you need it because I know you can stretch that comfort zone).
  • Work with an intimate group of like-minded leaders who’ve got your back.
  • Leave each live session with me knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and what to stop doing. No more second-guessing yourself or overthinking.

Want to know more? Here you go! There are only 7 places on this programme so get in touch if you’d like one of them.