I got fired – (and what I learned)

| 16 August 2019

I’ve been fired twice.

Once from a seasonal job in Switzerland – for insubordination. (If you know me, that won’t surprise you at all – and in my defence, I was very young). And a year or so later for not ‘looking the part’ (my ‘just out of student life’ gear didn’t work in the hallowed world of posh interior design).

That taught me I wanted to work in a ‘less traditional’ environment – over the next ten years my travel industry job took me to Spain, France, Australia, Thailand, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Hawaii (someone had to do it). My bosses were a plane journey away and I worked with some great people who became lifelong friends. (That taught me the value of true friendship – and freedom)

And then… The Big Senior Role – oh, how seductive that sounded. A proper, grown up job with an assistant and everything. New laptop, new car, new Amex card – well, get me. (That taught me that things are not always what they seem.)

Loved the people, hated the corporate BS, some of the slightly unethical (IMO) practices, the cavernous open-plan office, the one-upmanship and ‘presenteeism’. I floundered like a fish for a very long time (far too long, actually) until I finally ‘got’ what I was there to do.) (That taught me the absolute joy of finding your ‘thing’.)

And once I’d found my ‘thing’ I knew I had to get way, way better at it. (That taught me the value of asking for help, guidance and support from someone with no agenda and a clear-sightedness that I didn’t always have. I’ve worked with many people like this over the years to help me in all aspects of my life, business and work – and continue to do so.)

If you want to be a confident, inspiring ‘comfortable in your own skin’ boss who gets the right things done, is surrounded by talented, happy and motivated people, goes home at night without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed then congratulations.

Not quite there yet? That’s where I can help. That’s my thing.

And BTW I can get you started in less time than it takes to watch an episode of House of Cards – GUARANTEED)

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