How to step out of your comfort zone (without falling over)

| 9 February 2024

Everyone who works with me steps out of their comfort zone.

That’s why they hired me, after all – most of us need guidance, accountability and support to change things for the better. I certainly do.

When those leaders have better conversations and feel happier and more confident at work – that changes their lives, not just their leadership life.

When they have the best financial year ever and feel much calmer at night – knowing the business is growing and they’re recruiting more talent – that has a positive ripple effect far and wide.

When they show up everywhere prepared, calm and present – not only do they feel more leaderlike – others see them in that same way, too. 

If there are things you want to change and you can do it all yourself – congratulations.  You rock. Go do it!

But if you know you flourish and grow with support, encouragement, accountability, challenge, access to people who ‘get it’ and a loving kick up the backside when you’re playing mind games with yourself – I’d love to be your guide.

My next Lead with Confidence programme starts on 10 April – we meet weekly every Wednesday morning on Zoom until 3 July.

You can find all the details here