How to be consistent – the key to success in anything

| 2 February 2024

Any of this sound familiar?
I start with good intentions but then they slip.
I want to do this because it will give me so much freedom.  But I’m scared something might go wrong.
should be able to do this – why is it so difficult?’ (‘I must be a failure’).

A month or so into 2024 these words may resonate.

You set a goal to do something but once again it’s eluded you.

And that big judgemental ‘should’ is playing mind games in your head.

The best things I’ve learned about achieving goals?

Small actions, done consistently.


  1. Deciding to be consistent. ‘I am consistent’ It’s who I am.’
  2. When motivation or inspiration is lacking, generate your own. Don’t wait to feel motivated. Make a start on whatever it is for five minutes, and I guarantee you’ll keep going. 5-minute walk. 10 minutes on that strategy document. ‘I am someone who can motivate myself every day’.
  3. Get your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to help you. That’s the part of your brain that tells you what to focus on (prioritising survival – but other than that, it prioritises what you tell it to!)

Activate your RAS

Someone I know wanted to start driving again after a long break.  He was torn between wanting the freedom this would give him and the fear of ‘what if…..’..

He kept the car keys on his desk which reminded him to drive each day. Round the block on day one, onto the motorway by day fourteen.

My exercise mat is on my office floor, always in view. 20 minutes of stretches or weights each day.  Me lifting weights?  Who knew?  

When I started writing my book, I set off with best intentions to write every day.

And I did.

Until I didn’t. Because I was judging myself.  ‘What if it’s not good enough?’

Those thoughts are rubbish.  They serve no purpose.

How could I get my RAS working for me?

I’ve got images of two clients in my mind and I imagine writing it for them.

That way I’m focusing on them, not me.

Here’s to progress, consistency and small goals each day.