Habits, blue planners (and crisps)

| 6 November 2020

I’m not naturally great at scheduling and planning in a structured way.

But I’ve had to learn those ‘discipline’ skills and practise them over the years with varying amounts of success. 

Otherwise my days are unfocused and it’s easy to jump onto LinkedIn or Facebook for a 5-minute check-in – which frighteningly then lasts an hour. And don’t even get me started on the Daily Mail sidebar of shame (my guilty secret when I’m in full procrastination mode).

My best purchase recently was one of those quarterly organisers. (Luddite, I know). And it’s a gorgeous shade of blue which I love looking at. (Stationery fans will understand exactly what I mean!). And then one of my clients suggested different coloured pens……. 


The point of this?

It’s worth learning a new habit if it makes you happier, more successful, more fulfilled or more productive (or whatever else you want more of!). And if there’s something of beauty that will help you with this (like my blue planner) then treat yourself – you’re worth it.

I’ve learned to schedule and plan to get the most out of my day. It felt clunky at first.

Some days I ‘forgot’. But now I do it without thinking about it.

Other people have learned to listen more or speak up more or run meetings differently or stop being in ‘people pleaser’ mode all day long.

We need to set our intention, make a start and practise – then tweak as we go.

And not beat ourselves up if we don’t get it right every day (because we won’t).

My next habit change is to stop eating crisps at lunchtime (my husband is a big crisp fan and could eat packets of the things and never put on an ounce).

I simply need to move the bag far out of reach. 

Wish me luck with that one! 

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