Got 5 minutes to improve your virtual team meeting?

| 20 August 2021

Here are 7 things to do next time.

Make it outcome focused (not a talking shop).

Check in half- way through – what’s gone well in the first half and what should we change in part two?

Make sure everyone’s voice is heard – ask people to come prepared to discuss x; use chat, use polls, share ideas in advance. Not everyone is a natural ‘vocaliser’ on Zoom or Teams.

Stop the endless repetition – if you agree with what someone else has just said, say ‘agree’. You don’t need to say it again.

Start and end on time. Every time. No discussion.

Cameras on – be present.

Block out space afterwards to reflect, make your notes and do any follow up.

If you haven’t banned back-to-back meetings, then PLEASE STOP NOW.

They’re killing your productivity.

You’re welcome.

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