Don’t confuse these two things

| 17 May 2024

What holds most of us back from the success (whatever that means for you) we desire? Our thoughts.

What else holds most of us back from success? We blame what we think are circumstances outside our control, but they are, in reality, our thoughts, beliefs, or perceptions about something or someone or the way the world works.

Thoughts are not facts.   

Thoughts, not facts

  • There are no jobs out there.
  • I’m not senior enough to take this project on.
  • I don’t have time.
  • My boss will say no.

These thoughts describe your perception of a situation but don’t make them true. ‘The reality is,’ you say, but it’s only your reality.

I love to flip these statements around on their heads and ask: What if the opposite thought were true? What would you do now? How would that change things?

Try it. It will give you some new insights, energy and ideas.

Always know the difference between a fact and a thought. Thoughts are optional.