All this is fixable (I promise)

| 11 August 2023
How about re-writing your own story?

Does this describe your leadership life right now?

You’re in constant meetings (many of which are a waste of time) and always playing catch-up.
There are numerous people with their own priorities pressuring you to deliver everything yesterday.
You’re not getting round to making the important changes which are so desperately needed because ‘stuff’ keeps getting in your way.
You’re the ‘go to’ person waaaaay more than you’d like to be.
You want to guide and support your team and stop doing it for them (but you’re holding so much in your head right now that it’s just quicker to do it yourself).
You’re frustrated that your expectations or boundaries aren’t as clear as you think they are (but you don’t quite know how to change this). 
You want to communicate the vision in a way that inspires action rather than creating cynicism or confusion (or both!)
You sometimes lack confidence and conviction when presenting your ideas to more senior people – you’d love to have more influence and show them what you’re truly capable of.
You’d love to challenge inferior work but often avoid it in case the words all come out wrong and it creates upset or conflict

If any of this describes you, you’re not alone.

These are some of the challenges my last Lead with Confidence group brought to the table when we started in April.
A lot – I mean A LOT has changed since April. 
You’ll get a chance to hear their stories soon.
But how about re-writing your own story?
Join me for the September Lead with Confidence Programme.
Here’s the flyer with all the details. We kickstart the programme on 12 September.