Are YOU the energy vampire?

| 4 July 2020

I’ve been recording content for my Facebook group this week and one of the topics I talk about is resistors, energy vampires, mood hoovers – call them what you will. 

Of course, those people are NEVER us. Are they?

Er – yes.

Or at least I was, yesterday.

I started to feel cross about ‘other people’ (no names 🙂).

Blaming THEM for not thinking about me and ‘doing what I wanted them to do’ (I know – cringe 🙂)

This stopped me focusing on something productive and useful.

And I finished the day pretty p****d off with myself and the world.

Complete waste of time and energy.

Fortunately for me (and my poor husband) I was able to give myself a good talking to and set the intention to start today differently.

And I did.

Then, all of a sudden, those people ‘did what I wanted them to do’.

Now, I don’t consider myself a woo woo type of gal but I do believe that the type of energy we put out there comes back to us.

Negative thinking leads to negative outcomes.

And the other way round.

When you set your intention to cast out your inner energy vampire your world will be a better place.