So much more than mindset (and an experiment for you……)

| 6 October 2023
So much more than mindset (and an experiment for you...).

We talk a lot about mindset, don’t we?

Fixed mindset.

Growth mindset.

Positive Mindset

Negative Mindset

But we don’t always get deeeeeeep into the specific mindset shifts or thoughts that make the biggest difference for a particular situation we’re facing.

So if you said to yourself ‘I need to go into this interview or this conversation with a positive mindset’ – that would be way too vague.

Here’s a better idea:

What can you choose to THINK specifically to help you be at your best:
Example: I can choose to go into the interview excited to share my experience and learn about the role in more detail.
Example: I can choose to go into the conversation with a desire to co-create a great outcome for both of us whatever the history between us.
When I write those down, I feel a surge of energy and hope. And that will show up in both the interview and the conversation.

Our thoughts can trip us up and get in the way or they can propel us forward.

And our energy is contagious:

(Here’s an experiment: Notice the energy – the ‘vibes’ they give out, if you like, of those around you today and whether it attracts you or repels you). Calm energy, frantic energy, desperate energy, convincing energy, inspiring energy?

We dig deep into this whole idea of mindset and thoughts and energy whenever you work with me because personally I’ve found it one of the most important areas for my own personal growth.
Here’s to thinking the thoughts that help you achieve your desired future!