This quick tip will save you lots of time

| 24 November 2023

A quick one from me today but an encouragement to you and your team:

Say no to something next week so you can say ‘yes’ to something more important.

What will you say ‘no’ to?

I asked this question in my Facebook Group recently and it mobilised people right away:

Here’s a few ideas:

Michelle immediately declined two meeting invites to have more time to focus on the ‘must do’ things;

Sam said ‘I will not do somebody else’s work for her.  I will ask questions and help her figure out what to do and encourage her to do it herself and set an expectation that she will update me on progress;

Andrea said ‘I won’t respond to vague, ambiguous emails that take me down rabbit holes’.

And that’s just for starters.

So over to you!

Imagine having a few more hours to do the important things.

Here’s to your success, as always.

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