How to get traction on your biggest goals (when you’re soooo busy!)

| 23 February 2024

Here’s an exercise I use with the teams I work with.

You can do something similar with your team.  It’ll help everyone achieve all those things they’ve ‘never got round to’ or ‘never had time for’.


Firstly, when I’m working with a team, everyone establishes up to three key goals upfront.  (Before the goal setting, we’ve done a detailed ‘diagnosis’ of what’s working and what isn’t in the team – a full-blown team MOT if you will – so we’re crystal clear on the key focus areas collectively and individually).

Consistency = Progress = Results

Each week, everyone takes at least one action to get closer to each of their goals. They share their progress, insights, challenges and learning in our weekly accountability call and we troubleshoot any obstacles, so they keep moving forward. The collective learning is HUGE.   Progress is motivating. If someone is stuck in indecision or procrastination, we work out why (without judgement) and we sort it. If someone wants feedback on their impact, we give it.  It’s timely, laser focused and pragmatic.

This is a zillion times more effective and purposeful than running leadership sessions on ‘the ten traits of an effective leader’.  Yada, yada, yada.

The MUST do to guarantee success.

When we start, the first task for everyone is (inevitably) to block time out to work on said goals.  Because we all know what happens when we don’t do that. This alone is liberating for everyone who’s been stuck in the ‘back-to-back meetings’ culture and reactive nonsense that takes up too much time.

Is it easy? Not always.  Too many work cultures are focused on continuously doing stuff.  But doing stuff does not always equal results.   Slowing down to speed up is what we’re often aiming for.

You can implement these sessions with your own teams too.

I guarantee they will get you results.

My upcoming Lead with Confidence 90-day programme is pragmatic, laser-focused and purposeful. We mastermind, we troubleshoot, you get a bespoke plan and we work it week by week.