Delegation made very, very simple

| 14 April 2023

Delegation is one of the very first things we learn when we go into a leadership role – or is it? I find people often know the theory, they know they ‘should’ delegate more and yet – .. there they are doing stuff that their team members could do or silently seething because they’ve given a team member a task but he’s not done it ‘right’ or he’s missed the deadline again or she’s not done it to my standard.

I heard a great comment recently which got me thinking about delegation:

If you tell someone what to do, they’ll only ever be as good as you.

BTW if you fear that they will do it better than you, it means you’re fearful or uncertain about your own competence or position.  Why?

If you’re worried that they will never do it as well as you – ask yourself ‘does it matter?  Is good enough, good enough?’ and ‘have I made my expectations crystal clear or have I been a bit vague?’

Either way, don’t beat yourself up – sit with it, have compassion for yourself, decide what this is all about and what you want to do about it. (Ask me if you’re not sure.)

And if you’re good at telling your team members what to do – but you want them to be more accountable, responsible, proactive and do it better than you….. my DELEGATION CHECKLIST will help you make a start.

Contact me with ‘delegation’ in the subject line and I’ll get it over to you. (You’ll have to answer a quick question first – because I want this to be something you use, not another thing that sits in  your inbox; another piece of mental clutter).

And a quick reminder: ‘Do you understand’? Does that make sense’? Are you clear’? are NOT the best questions to ask.

Just saying.