Are you going for a promotion/new role soon?

| 13 October 2023
Are you going for a promotion/new role soon?

Make sure you have answers to these questions (they are intentionally generic and applicable to most leadership roles).

Tell me about a time/situation when you:

✅Had to convince a challenging colleague. How did you manage to influence them?
✅Lived the organisational values/struggled to live the organisational values (and why)
✅Devised and implemented (or improved) a service(and what was the benefit?)
✅Turned a negative into a positive
✅Dealt with a challenging situation
✅Led your team through a significant change/challenging time
✅Delivered significant efficiencies/cost savings or increased revenue/profit
✅Improved working practices
✅Had to make a difficult decision
✅Developed and motivated a team member
✅Developed income streams/raised funding/increased sales/increased growth
✅Raised the profile of the business nationally/internationally
✅Dealt with a team performance issue
✅Pulled a group of people together towards a common goal?


✅What is your experience with reaching targets?
✅How do you manage your own wellbeing at work?
✅Describe a stressful situation you experienced recently and how you dealt with it
✅How have you dealt with interpersonal conflicts between your staff/between two different teams?
✅Tell me how you will build a strong workforce for now and the future
✅How do you make your department a brilliant place to work?
✅Describe your leadership approach/style.
✅Why should we employ/promote you?
✅What achievements are you most proud of and why (this is a chance for you to showcase your brilliance)

These questions are also great ones to ask at interview if you’re recruiting.