Want a creative way to turn wishful thinking into reality?

| 7 September 2023
It’s time for a change

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year – here in southern France the extreme July and August heat has abated a bit, the days are still gorgeous and as the ‘vendange’ (grape picking) is in full flow there are lots of trucks laden down with luscious grapes on their way to be pressed and turned into delicious wine.

The roads are quieter, many of the tourists have gone home and it’s the ‘rentrée’ – it’s that ‘back to school’ feeling that I love.

It’s one of the reasons I run one of my Lead with Confidence   live groups starting in September and going up to Christmas because it sets you up for 2024 in the best possible way.

If you love that ‘back to school’ feeling too, you may be feeling hopeful about the months ahead.

You’ve got some clear dreams, projects, goals or ideas to propel you forward.

Or the summer break may have made you reflect and decide you want to write a new chapter in your life as you’re fed up with same-old.

It’s time for a change

Maybe you’re fed up with your job or ready to go for that promotion.

Maybe you want to reduce your working hours.

Maybe you want to change the way you run meetings or 1-1s.

Maybe you want more ‘balance’ in your life (whatever that means for you).

Maybe you want to leave corporate life and run your own business.

Whatever you want for yourself, please, please, please don’t let it just be a pipedream.

Don’t let busyness stop you from seeing clearly and moving forward.

You can write down some goals but, in my experience, a much better way to start is to imagine what life would be like if you got to write that new chapter – and it was a raging success.

Imagine three, six, twelve months from now telling me or your best friend how happy, excited, fulfilled, motivated (choose your own words!) you are because everything you wanted has happened.

What would you be telling me?

I’d love you to email me with your response – I will read and reply personally). 

You need time and space to do this.

Really feel into it. Imagine yourself ‘there’.

Or draw it.

Or write a poem about it.

Or imagine asking a 6-year-old to write it for you – with all their imagination and playfulness and no inner critic holding them back.

Or journal or do a vision board.

However you do it, do it without censoring yourself (Find that inner 6-year-old, again).

No ‘but this could never happen to me’ is allowed.

Stop it.

Once you’ve got clarity on what’s in that next chapter, it’s decision time.

Decide to do whatever it takes (as long as it’s legal and ethical!)  to get you where you want to be.

Write that decision down somewhere you can see it because where your attention goes, energy flows (in other words you’ll start to see or create opportunities that take you closer to what you want).

I guarantee it.

This is not woo-woo .

it’s how our Reticular Activating System helps us focus.

Here’s to your next chapter and to making it happen.