Two great reads for your holiday

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Each year at about this time I like to share with you some summer reading – my favourite books for leaders this year.

Both of these are readable, practical, and full of good, well-researched ideas to reflect on whilst you are lying on your sunbed or relaxing anywhere else.

The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace


Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Lie back and enjoy!

Happy Holidays.

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Are you working too hard?

stick_figure_asleep_computer - smallAs the holiday season is upon us I thought it worth reflecting on Bronnie Ware’s poignant book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.  The number two regret is ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’.

It reminds us all, I think, to enjoy our precious downtime this summer – however we choose to spend it.

Those office emails can wait.

Here’s to a peaceful and relaxing summer.

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5 Ways to Avoid Pointless Meetings (without offending)

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One of the biggest time wasters in organisations is meetings.  So much of them are simply collective procrastination with people pretending that stuff is actually getting done.

When it isn’t.

Who are we kidding here?

Three of my coaching clients this week have talked meetings as a major time waster.  I’ve laid down a challenge for them to slash their meeting times by half over the next three months.

We’ve made a start with five key focus areas: MORE >

Easy Productivity Tip (1)

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Many of you know that I have been on a mission to be much more productive without working harder over many years.  I’m very interested in the scientific research behind productivity rather than the so-called ‘wisdom’ that has no basis in science.

One of the things that’s working really well for me is this: MORE >

Winning Teams in Manchester

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If you’ve enjoyed the four articles I’ve written recently on Changing our Team Culture then you’ll love our Manchester Masterclass on Winning Teams.  Our May event sold out quickly so we’re running another half-day event on 12th October.

This is not a massive ‘presentation’.  We want you to have our personal attention so the event is capped at 18 people.  Half the places have already gone, so don’t delay if you want a place.

You can find all the details here.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Perfect Feedback in Six Minutes

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Last year I completed an eight month training programme on Conversational Intelligence® run by WBECS and delivered by the wonderful Judith Glaser.

I’m proud to say that I’m now a Core Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence®  which focuses on neuroscientific frameworks that enable coaches, leaders, teams and organisations to have conversations that trigger trust, growth and connection.  It’s really powerful stuff that we can all learn.  If you’d like to know more about this, please contact me.

One of the things Judith shared with us early in the programme was this uplifting YouTube clip called Austin’s Butterfly (6 minutes).

If you want to know how easy it can be to give encouraging feedback – and encourage a Growth Mindset at the same time – just watch this (6 minutes).


Changing our Team Culture – Part Four

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Over the last three weeks I’ve been sharing with you a step by step process to help you change your team culture.  You can find the last three articles here.

In last week’s article, I talked about the importance of focusing on no more than three critical behaviours to change – if you try to change everything at once, you’ll end up changing nothing.

Recently I’ve been working with a senior Finance Team.  One of the things the new FD wanted in the team was a ‘more open’ culture.  He’d been saying this for a while and everybody nodded their heads in agreement – but nothing changed.

Why? MORE >

Changing our Team Culture – Part Three

pondering_board - small

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve shared with you the three steps you need to follow if you want to change the culture in your team.  Last week we looked at the importance of respecting and recognising your team’s history before you start changing things.

This week, I want to help you get clarity about what you want to change and why. MORE >