I CAN’T deal with this condescending ***! 🤬

| 27 October 2023

A few weeks ago, I was taking part in a training programme and this  other participant with the intellect size of a planet said something…can’t remember his exact words


I remember how I felt. First words in my head were, “WHAT A PATRONISING ***! 🤬”

My gut clenched, my shoulders tightened – I was on high alert!

But I said nothing (didn’t want to turn into an obnoxious ****  myself which quite honestly could have happened the way I felt!)

The younger version of me, loaded with cortisol, would have gone on the attack or bitten my tongue and said nothing – but seethed resentfully for the next hour working myself up into a fair old rage.

These days I take a deep breath before saying anything in these situations.  Because I recognise those tell-tale physical signs early on  (always gut and shoulders, for me!)

I’m more self-aware now. So, I know that when something is triggering to me, it’s often highlighting a part of me I don’t want to acknowledge.

And yes, I was jealous of his huge brain and articulate delivery.

Jealousy – the little green monster – is not something we readily want to admit, is it?

Conclusion? It was more about how I felt rather than his actions or words.

Has it ever happened to you as well?

These triggers teach us a lot about our own beliefs, insecurities  and behaviour patterns.

Next time when you find yourself in a room with a condescending or patronising  ***..


Are they really that person or – are you not owning something in yourself?

No judgement – but here’s to recognising our triggers and asking ourselves those tough questions.

And breathe…..

Here’s to your success as always.