Mood hoovers are killing your resilience

Apparently, one of the biggest challenges to our resilience is our co-workers!

If you’re surrounded by mood hoovers, drama kings or queens or whiners and whingers you are quite likely to be feeling short of resilience right now. 

As you can see from the graph above a UK study indicated that ‘managing difficult relationships/politics in the workplace’ is shown as the biggest drain on resilience at work.

Similarly, a recent USA Today study revealed that:


Are you at a career crossroad?

That’s it for another year.

Your tree’s looking a bit sad and droopy (if it’s still there).

Maybe you’re feeling a bit sad and droopy too.

Or you’re energised and raring to go feeling shiny and sparkly about the year ahead.

Or … you’ve got all these feelings going on at the same time….. you feel conflicted.

Because you’re at a crossroads.


Ever wanted the ground to swallow you up?

The lowest, saddest points of my leadership career were when I felt completely useless – drowning in the detail and floundering like a fish in a shark-infested sea.

I couldn’t hold my own; stand up for what I believed was right for our customers (because other louder voices had another agenda) and flapping and waffling when I had to speak to one of the Executive board. I felt exposed and vulnerable.


This sentence changed everything


This year has been a tough one for many reasons.

Two tragic events – one family death – my wonderful sister – and one natural disaster (flooding) in our village that, frankly, have been almost too momentous to take in.

I count my blessings. Our house was hardly touched in the floods – but so sad to see friends and neighbours who lost so much.