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Powerful leadership is in every manager. Our Leadership 1-1 Coaching is to build strengths. Find out how you can bring out the best - in yourself and your team...

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Leadership Coaching

Some things are just too sensitive to air with your wider team. And senior leaders rarely get totally honest feedback from their peers and colleagues.

If you’re a senior leader we can help you to lead more effectively. We’ll schedule in regular time (ideally away from the office) which is YOUR thinking time – one client described it as an ‘oasis of calm in an overcrowded desert’. Together we’ll focus on your concerns, questions and challenges. We’ll explore what’s important to you about leadership and we’ll support you to be the best leader you can be. This is not navel gazing – far from it. Our work together will have a direct impact on your personal performance and your business results.

We work with you on a totally confidential basis. We’ll be your thinking partner and sounding board. And we’ll help you to make the changes that will have the biggest, most profound impact on who you are and how you lead.

Talk to us today. Phone: 01729 548024 or email.

"I have personally and professionally gained a great deal since commencing coaching with Lynn. I have been able to make the transition from a task focussed manager to a strategy and people focussed leader. I am more confident and can stand my ground where it would have been difficult for me before."

Stephanie Durbin-Wood
Head of Asset and Facilities Management
Co-operative Food