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Team away days are often pilloried as talking shops that produce nothing. But we give them a purpose and a result.

The secret is the way we work with you in advance to identify your aims. We get you to define what you see as a successful outcome. Then we structure the briefs and exercises to produce this outcome.

Equally, we have the facilitation skills, experience and flexibility to manage anything important that comes up on the day.

We make sure that everyone participates — in an environment where sensitive matters can be raised openly. We achieve this partly because we feed back on the spot. Also, we encourage free expression by guaranteeing that what goes on in the room stays in the room. However, we make sure that you are aware of any ways of working that could hinder your team or organisation. It means that, vitally, you’ll understand the dynamics that are working for or against progress.

Most importantly, we hold your group to account — both individually and collectively — so that decisions are actioned quickly after the day.

When Lynn Scott Coaching facilitates an away day, people always emerge with a plan...

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"I have worked with Lynn for the last 4 years during which she has facilitated team coaching and undertaken 1-1 coaching. In all cases her input has been instrumental to the success of the activity itself and to tangible improvement in my team members’ performance."

Russell Ashworth
Head of Faculty Administration for Humanities
University of Manchester