Your ‘Busyness’ doesn’t fool me

We all know that our best learning takes place when we are ‘outside our comfort zone’ – but not so far out that we want to run for the hills. I know my deepest and most long lasting growth has come when I’ve had to confront something I’ve been avoiding or take on a challenge that felt new and scary.

I also know that for me and for many of my clients it’s easy to stay in a ‘comfort zone of busy-ness’. And whilst we say ‘I’d love to be less busy’ or ‘I’d love to have more time for myself/my family’ we just keep on doing ‘stuff’ that we’ve always done.

Because busy-ness is safe.

We can do it.

We’re in familiar territory.

We’re experts.

And if I’m busy, I’m important; valued; valuable. 

And whilst we moan about ‘too much to do and too little time’ and how exhausted we are (and many people wear exhaustion, it seems to me, as some kind of badge of honour) we stay stuck on that treadmill that never stops.

So what’s going on here?

Outside that comfortable zone we’re novices.

Or we’re vulnerable.

Or there are soul-searching questions that we daren’t even ask ourselves in case it opens Pandora’s box.

Or we can’t imagine what we would do if we weren’t busy being busy.

Busy-ness means we don’t have to think too much, feel too much and ask ourselves the difficult questions.

So what to do?

Start by recognising your Scripts, Beliefs and Stories – contact me on lynn@lynnscottcoaching if you’d like to see my three (free) short videos on this topic.