The energy – resilience connection

So far in this blog series on the Six Characteristics of a Resilient Team  we have looked at the topics of common purposeteam normstrustcandid conversations and resilient thinking

Even if I do say so myself there is a wealth of resource included in these articles so check them out if you haven’t done so already.

The fifth characteristic of a resilient team is the ability to manage their energy.


One of the things I was taught in my first coach training programme eighteen years ago (eighteen!!) was to ‘notice where the energy is’.

So I need to pay attention when my clients are agreeing to something but there is no real energy there.

What is that telling me?

What is that telling them?

Energy is not necessarily loud and ‘in your face’; it can be a quiet energy. The lighting up of the face, the shift in posture… these things often give us ‘energy clues.’ 

Here’s more about energy:

Notice where the energy is

Resilience requires energy. With energy sapped, teams will struggle to demonstrate any level of resilience and will under-perform.

What depletes your team’s energy?

Ask them!

As we’ve seen before, the biggest drain on resilience at work, according to a study carried out last year is our own co-workers! Yes, those energy vampires (or mood hoovers) again! 

So if you’ve got some of those in your team, you need to tackle them. Want to know how?  Contact to find out.

More on energy and team resilience next time.