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Start this TOMORROW and get loads more done!

Yet another day chasing your tail, wondering how you’re going to get through that meeting, lead your team, talk sense with your boss AND have time to eat lunch? If someone tells you to ‘manage your time better’ you’re going to scream or run away swearing under your breath. What’s the cure?

Changing our Team Culture – Part Four

Over the last three weeks I’ve been sharing with you a step by step process to help you change your team culture.  You can find the last three articles here. In last week’s article, I talked about the importance of focusing on no more than three critical behaviours to change – if you try to… Read more »

Changing our Team Culture – Part Three

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve shared with you the three steps you need to follow if you want to change the culture in your team.  Last week we looked at the importance of respecting and recognising your team’s history before you start changing things. This week, I want to help you get clarity… Read more »

Changing our Team Culture – Part Two

Organisational – and team – culture is described as ‘the way things are done around here’. This month I’m writing about Team Culture and last week in my first article I outlined the three things you need clarity on if you want to change the culture in your team.  Read this article first if you haven’t already… Read more »

Changing our Team Culture – Part One

Over the next month I am going to help you understand how to change your own ‘team culture’ – if it’s not working for you as well as you would like. I’m using the common definition of culture – ‘the way things are done around here’ – which encompasses how people in the team act,… Read more »

Habits that Support Team Resilience

This is the final posting on the topic of Team Resilience!  I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the articles and big thanks to those of you that have taken the time to give your feedback on how you are using the information. In this blog series on the Six Characteristics of a Resilient Team we… Read more »

4 Types of Team Energy

So far in this blog series on the Six Characteristics of a Resilient Team we have looked at the topics of common purpose, team norms, trust, candid conversations and resilient thinking. Even if I do say so myself there is a wealth of resource included in these articles so check them out if you haven’t done so already. Last week we started to… Read more »

Strengthening Trust in Your Team – (2)

Before we get into this week’s topic a reminder of the webinar taking place on Tuesday 24th May on the subject of Personality and Reputation. Contact for details. Last week I shared with you the three things that will help you strengthen trust in your team. Number one was this: