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I got fired – (and what I learned)

I’ve been fired twice. Once from a seasonal job in Switzerland – for insubordination. (If you know me, that won’t surprise you at all – and in my defence, I was very young). And a year or so later for not ‘looking the part’ (my ‘just out of student life’ gear didn’t work in the hallowed… Read more »

Is your Script past its Sell By date?

  In this week’s blog I want to talk about the beliefs, stories and scripts that get in the way of effective leadership and make us less focused or  successful  than we could be. We often talk about Self Limiting Beliefs, old stories or out-of-date scripts  – these can keep us stuck, make us feel… Read more »

Team Resilience and Common Purpose

Last week, I shared with you the six characteristics of a resilient team as follows: A resilient team: – Has a common purpose; – Has a high level of trust for each other (or as Peter Hawkins in his book Leadership Team Coaching says: ’enough trust to disclose their mistrust’); – Has candid and honest conversations; –… Read more »

Perspectives on Workplace Conflict

Last week  we looked at three questions to which we need to be able to answer ‘yes’ if we are serious about resolving a workplace (or personal) conflict. The thing with conflict is that it has such far reaching effects.  It doesn’t just impact on you and the other person – it has a ripple effect… Read more »

3 Key Questions for Conflict Resolution

Productive, energetic discussion and disagreement can lead to new ideas and improvements in performance and results. Teams that engage in productive conflict can challenge each other’s ideas  from a position of mutual respect – because they care about the bigger picture and each other.  They are not interested in scoring points, or trying to look… Read more »