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Corporate Values are Meaningless unless….

I have to say I am sometimes a bit cynical about corporate values (there, I said it!). Not because they are not good things to have – in theory they are – but because so often they are words created to sound good, written by the senior team, a ‘project group’ or a bunch of… Read more »

 Tricky Workplace Conversations

As always I’m taking a break from writing new blogs in August to recharge my batteries (I try to practise what I preach) so over this month I will be sharing four of this year’s most popular blog posts with you.  If you haven’t read them yet….here’s your chance! This week it’s: Tricky Workplace Conversations

You Teach Others How To Treat You

This phrase has been with me a lot this week for a variety of reasons and as a result of numerous conversations. There’s definitely been a theme emerging! You teach others how to treat you.

Manage Expectations – An Exercise You Can Use

Last week I spoke to a manager who had moved jobs and taken on a new team.  In his first week, he was already worrying about what his team expected of him. ‘They are working well, so I want to help them but without telling them what to do’. ‘I am not sure what they… Read more »

Strengthening Trust in Your Team

Before we get into this week’s topic a reminder of the webinar taking place on Tuesday 24th May on the subject of Personality and Reputation. Contact for details. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve got ‘under the skin’ of trust and trustworthiness and started to take a look at ‘trust on the team table’.