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5 more tips for masterful meetings

I recently shared a post giving you 7 ways to significantly reduce your meeting times. One of my loyal (and very experienced) readers Harry Brooks read the article and added these additional tips which I think are great!

7 Ways to significantly reduce your meeting time

It never ceases to amaze me how badly led many meetings are. The same people ramble on and on, the same people never say a word, everyone repeats what everyone else says or there are so many tangents you need another meeting to follow up on the meeting…and so it goes on.I’ve shared some ways… Read more »

5 Ways to Avoid Pointless Meetings (without offending)

One of the biggest time wasters in organisations is meetings.  So much of them are simply collective procrastination with people pretending that stuff is actually getting done. When it isn’t. Who are we kidding here? Three of my coaching clients this week have talked meetings as a major time waster.  I’ve laid down a challenge… Read more »