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Perfect Feedback in Six Minutes

Last year I completed an eight month training programme on Conversational Intelligence® run by WBECS and delivered by the wonderful Judith Glaser. I’m proud to say that I’m now a Core Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence®  which focuses on neuroscientific frameworks that enable coaches, leaders, teams and organisations to have conversations that trigger trust, growth and… Read more »

What Are Your Big Rocks?

I’ve been talking to a very busy group of leaders this week on the topic of overwhelm.  It’s a big one for many of us so I thought it was worth reminding ourselves of Stephen Covey’s Big Rocks. Covey tells the story of a man who stood in front of a group of what he… Read more »

The Family – Team Connection

The type of team we create – and the way we behave in any team or group – is quite likely to be shaped by how we learned to act in our own early lives – our first ‘team’ being our own family. How I wish I’d known this in my twenties and thirties when… Read more »

Leaders – three things to focus on right now

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s taught us that nothing is predictable.  The boat has been rocked, and it’s going to keep on rocking in 2017.  This has a huge impact on everyone who leads and manages leadership teams. Because ‘same old, same old’ just isn’t going to work anymore. With so much uncertainty it’s… Read more »