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How to Influence when you’re not ‘the boss’

How do you get people ‘on side’; get people to work with you on projects or pieces of work when you are not their immediate line manager? This is often called ‘Influence without Power’ and it can be a tough challenge when invariably these people are busy, stretched and have a million other priorities they’re… Read more »

Behaviour Change Re-visted

Earlier this year I posted an article called the Six Steps to Behaviour change. So I thought you’d like Marshall Goldsmith’s article and short video ‘You’ve  changed! Why didn’t anybody notice?’ Here’s the link: You’ve Changed! Why Didn’t Anyone Notice?  

More on difficult staff members

Last week I responded to Emma’s email on Playground Behaviour. I had  a great email from Dave, a member of this group, and I wanted to share his thoughts and ideas with you – a very big reminder to all of us to point the finger inwards first!!

Playground behaviour?

A few weeks ago, I asked you to help me identify what the ‘hot leadership topics’ are for you at the moment and what you would like to see coming up in future Lead with Confidence blog posts (the favourites were around team building, resilience and influence and so I’ll be writing more on those… Read more »

Don’t forget the HOW

Last week I was working with Susan (not her real name). Susan was promoted into a big role in a new organisation four months ago.  When she joined, she gave a great speech to her whole team about her vision for the future and involved them in its creation.   It sounded emotionally compelling.  Her… Read more »

10 Traits of a Toxic Organisation

In the last year or so I’ve made a strong suggestion to two separate executive coaching clients (intellectually sharp and emotionally intelligent clients who have influenced great change in their previous roles) that they might want to think about leaving the organisations they’ve recently joined (totally different organisations as it happens).  Actually, what I said… Read more »

Five ways leaders build trust

The topic of trust is a very big one indeed and one which, until fairly recently, was not discussed much in organisations.  How things change!

Turn up the Volume

Over the last three weeks we’ve been exploring the topic of gravitas.  So far we’ve learned to get grounded and found out what to do with our inner critic. This week I want to introduce you to your coach who, of course, is the most wonderful human being on the planet.