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Watch Out – Thinking Trap ahead!

Last week I wrote about The Assumption Game  and how making assumptions can derail our confidence, self belief or ability to move forward. Taking this one stage further, many of us – individuals and teams – have a tendency to fall into what are commonly known as ‘thinking traps’ – these are described beautifully and… Read more »

The Assumption Game will astound you!

How many times do you make assumptions or state an opinion or belief as a fact? And how does this derail your confidence, self-belief or ability to move forward without you even knowing it? My guess is….. many more times than you think!

You won’t get this from a competency framework

  This week I was on the periphery of a conversation (okay, I was eavesdropping….!) about competency frameworks.  The benefits, the disadvantages, what should and should not be included and why…….and so on. The conversation went on.

What are you doing that is stupid?

  Last week I wrote about Busyness  and the fact that good ideas, great productivity and best work are rarely  served by busyness (I’m talking about the ‘too much to do and everything is urgent’ busyness). So if you and your team have ‘too much to do and too little time’ you have two choices.

Busy is for fools

    Last week I wrote about being stuck and deciding that it is ‘okay’ to be a blank canvas with lots of possibility – knowing that something will emerge. Rather than beating myself up for having ‘nothing to say’. In coaching, we call this ‘re-framing’.  (Or in this case you could say I chose to have… Read more »

Being Stuck

OK I admit it. For the first time in 15 months I’m completely stuck. Can’t think what to write, brain full of mush, blank sheet of paper staying blank. Deadline looming….. So I’m feeling under pressure, feeling anxious and, to be honest, a bit stupid.

Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the importance of silence in coaching conversations. And it reminded me of some of the most powerful insights that came from my last 3 day intensive Lead with Impact programme. One of the most powerful was this: The stillest person in the room has most gravitas. Think about it.

3 Essentials for the Leader Coach – 3 – Good Coaching Skills

So far, we’ve looked at the importance of Challenge and Support  and Trust and a Strong Relationship for the Leader as Coach. If I asked a roomful of people what good coaching skills are, I’d probably hear: – Open/powerful questions – Listening – Building rapport – Agreeing goals and following up – Feedback – Challenge and Support… Read more »