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The Inner Game of Change*

Last year we at Lynn Scott Coaching  started working with three top teams in different organisations who need to focus on ‘changing the way things are done around here’ for a variety of different commercial reasons. (Some details have been changed for obvious reasons). In each case, change had to start with the top team… Read more »

Organisational Culture – Kill, Cure or Leave well alone?

Companies often refer to their great culture as the key reason for their success. Peter Drucker is credited as saying: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. In other words…. your strategy simply won’t work if ‘the culture’ won’t accept it. According to research, more than 70% of change programmes fail. So what to do if you… Read more »

Creativity – not just for special occasions – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Jane Adshead Grant’s article on Creativity last week.  Here’s part 2. In last my article, I introduced the idea that creativity is something that we all have and can use, everyday – not just on special occasions. I also suggested why it is important for us to harness this innate capability…. Read more »

Not quite ready to change right now?

I’ve written a lot about behaviour change in the past but with so many new readers, I think it’s worth sharing my thoughts on this topic once again. Any activity that we initiate to help us modify our thinking, feeling or behaviour is a change process.

What would be possible if you had more influence?

One of the topics that is often discussed on my Lead with Impact programmes is influence – and more specifically how to improve our ability to influence different people in different situations at different times without damaging working or personal relationships!

Introverts have Impact, too!

As many of you know, I run a whole raft of programmes that help leaders and managers to Lead with Impact . And one of the things that saddens me is that leaders who describe themselves as introverts sometimes have a belief (or are told by others) that in order to have impact they have to be… Read more »

What Good Communication Really Means

Firstly, thanks to every one of you who have requested my Engagement and Leadership Route Map self-assessment toolkits and for your feedback on both these tools.  Glad you’re finding them useful (if you haven’t asked for them yet, there’s still time.  Please contact for your free copies).

3 Ways to Raise your Team’s Energy Immediately

Last week I wrote about ‘energy vampires’ and how they can destroy our resilience.  A few of you responded with other names for these people…. Freezers, drains….. great metaphors all! I’ve written before about energy  so this week I thought I’d share my top three tips for developing more energy in team meetings.