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Inspire like Dave!

A very happy 2016 to you and I hope this year brings you everything you hope for. At the end of last year, I asked you what you wanted to be saying at the end of 2016 using this phrase in the present tense: If I imagine myself one year on…… what am I saying… Read more »

8 tips for your 8 hour revolution

Last week I said that the  best teams I know take regular time out – once a quarter for two hours is often all it takes – to talk about HOW they are working together and not just WHAT they are working on. I also stated that doing this can revolutionise your team. I had… Read more »

Just Eight Hours a Year Can Revolutionise Your Team!

Last week I shared the importance of understanding different perspectives on workplace conflict. One of the things I know about work place conflict is that it can and does fester in a busy work environment because we never take the time to talk about it.  We are so busy doing ‘stuff’ focusing on the numerous tasks… Read more »

Perspectives on Workplace Conflict

Last week  we looked at three questions to which we need to be able to answer ‘yes’ if we are serious about resolving a workplace (or personal) conflict. The thing with conflict is that it has such far reaching effects.  It doesn’t just impact on you and the other person – it has a ripple effect… Read more »

Quit Either/or Thinking

We limit ourselves by getting into either/or thinking. Or thinking we can only have something if it comes with a lot of pain…. Or we can only have something if we give something else up… you get the sort of thing! A couple of recent conversations went along these lines: Client 1:  ‘I can either… Read more »

Culture Change – Folklore and History

I asked  Phil Badley to write my final article in the Culture Change series I have been featuring over the last few weeks.  With years of first hand senior operational leadership supporting organisations through really challenging change I knew he would have something important to say! Leaders are under relentless pressure to improve their organisations to… Read more »

Culture Change….Where to Begin Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Nicola Johnston’s article on Culture Change last week. Here’s part 2. I focused last time  on helping organisations to get clear on the WHAT and the WHY of change programmes…but that’s just one essential component …and I want to turn my attention to HOW to lead culture change. My experience shows… Read more »

Culture Change…..Where to Begin Part 1

I am fortunate enough to know and work with many talented colleagues and over the next year I am inviting them to write some guest blogs on topics which I know you will find interesting, useful and actionable! This week and next I am featuring Nicola Johnston a change specialist and colleague whom I’ve known… Read more »