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Trust me, I’m a leader?

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been exploring the Six Characteristics of a resilient team. So far, we’ve explored Common Purpose and Team Norms and their link to team resilience. Over the next few weeks it’s all about Trust. In my experience, resilient teams have a high level of trust for one another – or at least ‘enough… Read more »

Team Resilience and Common Purpose

Last week, I shared with you the six characteristics of a resilient team as follows: A resilient team: – Has a common purpose; – Has a high level of trust for each other (or as Peter Hawkins in his book Leadership Team Coaching says: ’enough trust to disclose their mistrust’); – Has candid and honest conversations; –… Read more »

Are you as good as you think you are?

Research conducted by Penna  indicates that ‘Managers believe they are much stronger at the people aspects of their role than the people they are actually managing.’ Surprised? Yes and no. I find that some managers underestimate how good they are and are surprised when they do something like a 360 feedback exercise which highlights strengths they never… Read more »

What happened with Ann?? Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared Ann’s story.  If you remember, Ann thought she had ‘too much empathy’ and it was creating problems in her business – particularly with one of her long-standing senior team members. She needed to make a difficult decision which, she admits, she had been putting off (sound familiar?)  about his… Read more »

Building empathy – rewind, reset, re-learn

Last week  I wrote about how challenging it can be to build empathy with people that ‘wind us up’ and how, when our hot buttons are pressed, we are likely to want to fight, flee, freeze or appease. It’s easy to feel genuine empathy for people that are ‘like us’; that we like and like us… Read more »

Blue Monday costs £93 billion

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year was on Monday this week. How blue did you feel?? According to research by the University of Exeter Blue Monday could cost UK businesses as much as £93billion in lost productivity. That’s a staggering figure, isn’t it? In my 20 years working with numerous organisations in… Read more »

Not Shying Away 2

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing the inspiring thinking and wisdom of Dave Perkins This week, continuing with Dave’s theme of Not Shying Away, Dave shares his thoughts about companies he has spoken to about business… and how they are potentially ‘shying away’ – or not! Enjoy!