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On Losing my Personal Presence

I found this quote on a blog post recently and it got me thinking about a conversation I had some years ago with a potential coaching client. It served as one of my best pieces of learning about Personal Presence (and I’ll talk more about this subject over the next couple of weeks). If your… Read more »

We Need to Talk – Step Three

The ‘F’ word   That’s ‘F’ for Feelings in case you were wondering ……. In my last two postings I’ve been sharing some steps on the journey to mastering tough/challenging/difficult conversations – call them what you will. We’ve covered two steps so far. Step One:  Identify what it is that makes a conversation difficult for… Read more »

Difficult Conversations – a True Story

Following my blog post Shut Up and Listen, I received this email from Steve (not his real name) Hi Lynn Your ‘shut up and listen’ email last week struck a chord. You talked about powerful questions but I found a really simple question helped me to have a difficult conversation that I’d been avoiding. A… Read more »

We Need to Talk – Step Two

  In my last post, I asked you to identify what makes a conversation difficult for you. How many things did you have on your list? One?  Two?  More than five? Two people responded privately to that post with their own ‘light-bulb’ moments.  Coincidentally both of them realised that conversations with a particular individual or… Read more »

We Need to Talk – Step One

Picture the scene…. Your heart’s racing, your stomach’s churning……yes, it’s a ‘tough conversation’ that you’re really dreading (and, be honest, have probably been avoiding for a while). Have you ever dodged the issue, backed down, waffled around the subject, gone in with all guns blazing, felt like a rabbit in the headlights – some or… Read more »

The Power of the Unique Question

Shut up and Listen! Sorry if that sounds rude but one of the mistakes we sometimes make when going into a conversation is to think we should have all the answers – slick, smart, clever answers. Because, as a leader or manager that’s what you’re paid to do, right? Wrong. The best leaders (and coaches!)… Read more »

Leadership Strategies – 10 Steps To Masterful Meetings

Diary cram-packed with meetings with no space in between to think, reflect or even breathe? An issue for many a leader. How’s that working for you? Do you return from meetings saying ‘that was a waste of time?’ You’re not alone.  Many people complain that the meetings they attend are like wading through treacle or… Read more »